“Love is like a red, red rose…”

Wood sculpting has become one of my favorite things to do in the shop. I first carved a wooden rose for a gift for my wife, and it is still one of our special treasures. Over the years I have carved roses out of a variety of different woods including red heart cedar, black Locust,Continue reading ““Love is like a red, red rose…””

Lumber lives in a tree

Have you ever wondered how much lumber one log has in it? Lumber of course starts out inside of a tree, and it is the job of a Sawyer to figure out how to mill each log to get the best and most lumber out of it. Below is a 17 foot white fir that diedContinue reading “Lumber lives in a tree”

What is Urban Lumber?

If you live in any size town or city then you should consider turning your urban trees that need to come down into a valuable and usable resource. Check out this Video and be inspired! What is Urban Lumber? Follow us on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/urbanlumbercommunityWhat is Urban Lumber? Every year in North America an estimated 4 billion boardContinue reading “What is Urban Lumber?”