“Love is like a red, red rose…”

Wood sculpting has become one of my favorite things to do in the shop. I first carved a wooden rose for a gift for my wife, and it is still one of our special treasures. Over the years I have carved roses out of a variety of different woods including red heart cedar, black Locust, purple robe Locust, peach, apple, aspen, box elder, maple and white fir. I am surprised with each rose, never knowing what colors or grain patterns I will discover until I start carving. While most of the orders I get are for a single rose, I have made quite a few bouquets as well for 5 year Anniversaries in a custom made, wooden vase with individual inscriptions. They make perfect engagement or Valentine’s day gifts as well, or just a special and unique way to say “I Love you.” 

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The treasure lies within

From an old reclaimed piece of timber, I was able to create a beautiful handmade 3D star puzzle. This Doug Fir beam came from a falling down horse barn in Northern New Mexico and was destined for the dump or burn pile. I sliced my knife into the edge, confirmed it was Doug Fir, and quickly saved it from its end. The colors underneath the grey worn skin were more beautiful than I hoped and I used a small portion to make this fun hand puzzle for our Etsy Shop.

I am always in search for hidden treasures in the wood I salvage, and ways to continue the life of what others consider waste.


Lumber lives in a tree

Have you ever wondered how much lumber one log has in it? Lumber of course starts out inside of a tree, and it is the job of a Sawyer to figure out how to mill each log to get the best and most lumber out of it. Below is a 17 foot white fir that died from beetlekill in the Colorado San Juan Mountains and a picture of the lumber that came out of it.(1) 2x12x10′, (1)2x10x8′, (1)1x8x10′, (1)1X12x10′, (2)2x6x8′, (7)2x6x17′, (1)2x4x17′, (2)1x6x10, plus a stack of lumber from all the left over scraps. 

There are many different ways to mill this log, this time I milled this combination of lumber for a local custom order.

Building Character

“Good timber does not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.” J. Willard Marriot

We often forget how much time it takes for a fragile sappling to become a full grown established tree, and the many storms it must go through to become so strong. Likewise, we each must go through the many storms in life to become who we were created to be. 

“But we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope.” Romans 5:3-4

So when the wind rages and the rain beats down, stand firm like a tree knowing your character is being made stronger, and you can rest in the Son, a hope which never fades away.


On Edge

I just finished this new medium sized cutting board to fill a custom order. It is made from maple, mahogany and salt cedar which I salvaged then milled into lumber, and created this cutting board.

One drip at a time

After 4 days of rain and snow, we were able to collect around 2200 gallons of water off of our roofs!  As we wrote about in a previous post, we got our new cistern and gutters set up just as the first drops of rain from the last storm started to come down. Using an average of around 25 gallons a day for showers, laundry, dishes, for a family of six, plus our animals and small garden, the water we collected should last us about 3 months if it doesn’t rain again. And all this water was given to us, we just simply collected it. Even if it is just for your garden, think about setting up a barrel or a small cistern to collect the natural rain water and utilize this precious resource we are given.

Shop local

We all buy things that we need, wether it be a bag of groceries, kitchen utencils, new socks, furniture, a gift.  I recently realized just how much I spend at the big corporate stores, just to save a few dollars. When money is tight it can be hard to chose that little local shop and pay extra for the same thing you could find at say Wal-Mart. But even with the extra cost, when you chose to take the step and buy that household item or gift from a small business, you are getting an item of higher quality that will last longer, and you are most likely helping support the needs of a growing family or the pursiut of one’s dreams. Take the time to think about what and who you are supporting with the money you spend.

It requires imagination, skill, passion and a great amount of risk to step out and compete with the big corporate interprises. But the small guys offer quality and personal care that can’t be found in mass production. Consider the challenge of buying your everyday purchases from those who are taking the risk to compete with the giants and provide their customers with lasting satisfaction and so much more than what they came to purchase. 12963526_10206302523267523_7791019257409337811_n

We are one of these small family buisnesses in Taos, NM. Because we work from home either Milling or making and selling our handcrafted Woodworks and Knitting, we are able to homeschool and allow our children to participate and learn from our business.


Weekend Woodshop

Over the weekend Noah started working on a couple new napkin holders. He is hand carving them out of lumber he milled from a local Taos, NM salvaged Siberian Elm tree. Stay tunned for the final products to be posted in our Etsy Shop.




What is Urban Lumber?

If you live in any size town or city then you should consider turning your urban trees that need to come down into a valuable and usable resource. Check out this Video and be inspired!

Follow us on Facebook!https://www.facebook.com/urbanlumbercommunityWhat is Urban Lumber? Every year in North America an estimated 4 billion board feet of u…