Lumber lives in a tree

Have you ever wondered how much lumber one log has in it? Lumber of course starts out inside of a tree, and it is the job of a Sawyer to figure out how to mill each log to get the best and most lumber out of it. Below is a 17 foot white fir that died from beetlekill in the Colorado San Juan Mountains and a picture of the lumber that came out of it.(1) 2x12x10′, (1)2x10x8′, (1)1x8x10′, (1)1X12x10′, (2)2x6x8′, (7)2x6x17′, (1)2x4x17′, (2)1x6x10, plus a stack of lumber from all the left over scraps. 

There are many different ways to mill this log, this time I milled this combination of lumber for a local custom order.

Learning to Mill

Noah decided to teach our very enthusiastic seven year old son how to opperate the sawmill. They started with a scotch pine log salvaged from the town of Taos, New Mexico.

Milling Young

They put on ear protection and started making lumber. Then they sticker stacked the lumber to let it dry and cure, ready for the next project. I believe our little apprentice is hooked.