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Why we run a Sawmill

We strongly believe in using what others may consider waste and giving it a purpose. We also believe in leaving a small footprint wherever we tread, and being good stewards of what we have been given. Over the years many trees have died because of the beetle kill. We had the opportunity to opperate our portable mill in Ouray, Colorado and sustainably harvest and transform many of the local trees into thousands of board-feet of lumber. We have also salvaged many New Mexico trees from being destroyed after they were taken down by private landowners, companies, the BLM and National Forest Service. Those trees have been made into lumber for furniture, building materials, and handcrafted woodworks. We offer specialized custom lumber made from our sustainably harvested logs, salvaged urban trees, or from trees provided by you.

The History of our Sawmill

We first acquired a saw mill to build a home in New Mexico with lumber we could produce ourselves. We sustainably harvested all the logs, taking only the dead or down trees, to use in our home and woodshop, leaving a small footprint on our local forests. 

We have now brought our sawmill, business and family to Ouray, Colorado. There is a huge amount of beetle kill in this area, along with some beautiful aspens and other species in the surrounding communities that need to be removed. We try to mill year round turning the dead trees into usable lumber.

In addition to producing lumber for our own building projects, we create lumber for our handmade Woodworks, using local trees we sustainably harvested ourselves, salvaged urban trees and reclaimed wood. We also offer custom Milling for those interested in turning their trees into usable lumber. Milling is a very rewarding profession and one that not many know a lot about. We get the most satisfaction knowing that we can offer our clients what the large commercial suppliers cannot: custom milled, specialized, beautiful lumber derived by sustainable methods. 

Milling Walnut
Black Walnut, an urban tree harvested from Taos NM, being custom milled into lumber by Noah Hughes


“Good timber do not grow with ease; the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees.”

J. Willard Marriot