“Love is like a red, red rose…”

Wood sculpting has become one of my favorite things to do in the shop. I first carved a wooden rose for a gift for my wife, and it is still one of our special treasures. Over the years I have carved roses out of a variety of different woods including red heart cedar, black Locust, purple robe Locust, peach, apple, aspen, box elder, maple and white fir. I am surprised with each rose, never knowing what colors or grain patterns I will discover until I start carving. While most of the orders I get are for a single rose, I have made quite a few bouquets as well for 5 year Anniversaries in a custom made, wooden vase with individual inscriptions. They make perfect engagement or Valentine’s day gifts as well, or just a special and unique way to say “I Love you.” 

For more information or to order, check out this listing or our Etsy shop.


Published by Fruitful Tree

We love to create, mill, carve & shape. We sell what we make, lumber, woodworks & knits. We care for what we have & hope to inspire!

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