One drip at a time

After 4 days of rain and snow, we were able to collect around 2200 gallons of water off of our roofs!  As we wrote about in a previous post, we got our new cistern and gutters set up just as the first drops of rain from the last storm started to come down. Using an average of around 25 gallons a day for showers, laundry, dishes, for a family of six, plus our animals and small garden, the water we collected should last us about 3 months if it doesn’t rain again. And all this water was given to us, we just simply collected it. Even if it is just for your garden, think about setting up a barrel or a small cistern to collect the natural rain water and utilize this precious resource we are given.

Published by Fruitful Tree

We love to create, mill, carve & shape. We sell what we make, lumber, woodworks & knits. We care for what we have & hope to inspire!

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