From Trash to Greenhouse

Ever wonder what to do with your old plastic juice jugs? The sun and wind in northern New Mexico can be brutal on seedlings and we needed to give our plants some better protection this year. After a long cold spell, the days finally warmed up and we were able to transplant our seedlings to our outdoor garden. While a greenhouse is the ultimate solution, it just didn’t fit in our plans this year. We heard about an idea to reuse clear plastic containers as miniature greenhouses. So we rumaged through our recycling bin, cut off the bottoms of our juice jugs and carefully covered our new arrivals. Then we munched with straw to help hold in the moisture. We were able to rest easy when the hot sun, the wind, and even hail arrived.Try it out, could be that simple idea you were waiting for…

Our children had a lot of fun helping create and plant our garden this year. They watched their seedlings sprout and grow inside, and they are now continuing to care for them along with the rest of our family garden outside. It is a great activity for any family to grow a garden together, even if it is just a few seeds in a pot.

Published by Fruitful Tree

We love to create, mill, carve & shape. We sell what we make, lumber, woodworks & knits. We care for what we have & hope to inspire!

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