More about us

Living in Northern New Mexico has given us the opportunity to work, live and raise our family in a unique small community, filled with beauty and inspiration. As a team we love to design and create with our hands in many different ways, including milling, woodworking, building, graphic design, photography, and small scale farming. Noah, who grew up in Northern New Mexico, has been a professional craftsman and woodworker for over 20 years. Anna, who grew up the mountains of Southern Colorado, has a background in Architecture and Graphic Design. She works alongside Noah, helping with the design work, wood burning, and managing the business side of Fruitful Tree. In order to do what we both love, which also includes homeschooling our 6 children, we decided to chose a simple life in our off-grid home and make it our base to work from.

After seeing the historical destruction to our Nation’s forests and resources, we decided to focus on more sustainable methods in our life and profession. All the different wood we use for our wood works are either from local trees we sustainably harvest ourselves, salvaged urban trees or reclaimed wood. Once on site, we shape our custom milled lumber into uniquely designed, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted Woodworks, which we sell in our Etsy Shop. We believe in using our resources responsibly and sustainably. Every bit of waste from our milling is used either for smaller projects, as firewood to heat our home, or sold to others. We even use our sawdust for our chickens and goats!

Each of the wood works we use has an unique story, and we make it our priority to find out as much as we can about the history of the materials we use, believing this adds to the distinctive quality and value of our products.

In addition to what you see here on our website, we are always coming up with new designs and have our latest products listed in our shop On occasion we also sell at Craft Fairs, Farmer’s Markets, in various local shops, and locally by word of mouth. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest for our latest postings and for the events we are selling at.

If you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you!


Jeremiah 17:7-8