My Passion for Knitting…

When I was young, my grandmother handed me a set of needles, some beautiful yarn from her stash, and gave me the best gift she could have, knowledge, (and her stash of yarn from all over the world!) I love just about all types of fibers, and making beautiful and useful things out of a simple ball of yarn. Now that I am a mother myself, I have already begun to pass on my love and knowledge of knitting to my children, just as my Grandmother did for me.


Once I learned the basics of knitting, crocheting and how to decipher a pattern, I started to modify and reinvent them.  My background in Architecture contributed greatly to my natural love and tendency to design my own originals. Calculating stitches and graphing intricate patterns is equally my favorite part in the whole process of producing a Knit with my own hands. I am excited to share my passion with you. I hope that you find that special thing you were looking for in my hand knits, or come away inspired for your own projects!

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Many of my Hand Knits are available in our Etsy Shop, or on our Facebook page, or if you are interested in something you see or would like to request a custom order, please Contact me and we can discuss purchasing details


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